This November, a new update to the Stoneridge Software client portal was released giving admin users the ability to add, remove, and update security levels for all employees at their organization.

Stoneridge Software will give and maintain users admin rights to their portal login. For any changes regarding this role and who should have it, please email

To access the admin features, log in to the client portal, navigate to the drop down by your name and choose ‘admin’. You can also access this by going into your profile and navigating to the left side of the screen where it says ‘Admin’.



Once in the admin area, you have the ability to create and update contacts, authorize users for support, and enable them to log in to the portal.

To add a new contact, click on the ‘create contact’ button at the top right. Contact details can be updated by choosing the drop down on the line with the user’s name.


Once you add the contact’s details, you will select the level of permissions you would like to give that user.

  • Login Enabled – that user has access to the client portal and your support case history
  • Email Confirmed – Shows that a user has confirmed their email
  • Send Portal Invitation – generates an automatic email invitation to the user
  • User Name – Shows the users portal user name
  • Authorized for Support – allows our support professionals to see if a user who submits a support request is authorized to do so

By listing your users within the portal, they will also receive important newsletters and communications from the Stoneridge Software team. If you have any questions, or suggestions for future portal upgrades, please email us at .